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Posted by on Nov 22, 2012 in Internet |

Finnish Police girl acquiesces to “pirate” 9 years

(Cc) Loren Javier

The Finnish police raided the home of a 9 year old girl suspected of downloading copyrighted material, and Winnie The Pooh laptop was confiscated to prove the case.

The affair began when the controversial anti-piracy group CIAPC – also known as TTVK – sent a letter earlier this year to the family of the girl that your account had been traced to an incident involving illegal file sharing. To prevent the issue escalates to the next level, the group recommended the family to pay a sum of 600 euros, sign a document, and ready.

However, the girl’s father objected, and this week things “escalated” when police came out of the house with a search warrant authorizing the recording of evidence in the home that was related to illegal file sharing.

What was found was the laptop of the 9 year old girl, pop Music lover, and not enough money in the bank to buy the discs Finnish artist Chisu . So in 2011 resorted to Google and to get music.

The girl’s father said that downloads the girl tried to do did not work, so the next day went to the store to buy a disc. The CIAPC not seem to care much, though.

As indicated by TorrentFreak, police told the father: “It would have been easier for everyone if they had paid the compensation.” The man said he felt like “if the Mafia were people at the door demanding money.”

“We have not done anything wrong with my daughter. if adults do not know how to use a computer and the web, how can you assume that children or the elderly – or a 9 year old girl – know what they are doing at any given time? This is the height of absurdity. I can see the position of the artists, but it requires education and information, not demands, “he said.

The case has caused uproar in Finland. The artist said Chisu not want to sue anyone. “I hope that this issue will be resolved soon and being by my 9 year old girls,” he wrote on Facebook , where many people have gone to attack by the actions of CIAPC.

The Pirate Party’s response Finalndia Chisu said, but drew attention to the artists seem to have no power to detain actions taken on your behalf. “It is sad to see that even the great artists have no idea what the CIAPC / TTVK being done in their name. And the worst part is that even after learning, as did Chisu now and discussed it on Facebook, they can not stop as all protection and monitoring are centralized, “Joonas Mäkinen told TorrentFreak Pirate Party.

CIAPC is suing 28 people for similar cases, although it is unclear how many have paid to reach an agreement and avoid the issue “climb” proportions as we have seen this time.

Link: Police raid 9-year-old girl Pirate Bay, confiscate Winnie The Pooh laptop (TorrentFreak)

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