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Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Software |

Firefox 15 comes with less memory consumption and automatic updates

Firefox 15 comes with less memory consumption and automatic updates

Unlike many previous versions, 15 came with many significant changes. The new version can be downloaded from the official site, and if you are using the browser, you can check for updates and restart once installed. This is the last time we will wait the download and update the browser, since the new version includes “background updates”, which allow up to version almost without us noticing – similar to what Google Chrome.

The new system allows the to download any updates while you’re using, and then apply the changes. The next time you start Firefox, you will have the updated version. No hassle. In addition, the new system should help to dispel the feeling that the browser is updated every two days, issue that bothered many users when Mozilla adopted the system of quick updates. Now be updated at the same pace but we realize.

Another major change in is that – for the first time – definitely stop “leakage” of memory caused by browser extensions. Mozilla has been working on this issue for quite some time as part of the project MemShrink . Many times, the extensions caused sudden memory loss, even if it was popular add-ons and helpful. With the solution implemented by Mozilla, those using multiple extensions should see significant reductions in the memory footprint of Firefox.

The new version also includes some tools for developers, including a design tool, and experimental support for SPDY networking protocol v3.

Link: Firefox (Mozilla)

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