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Posted by on Jun 25, 2013 in Hardware News |

Firefox 22 comes with WebRTC enabled by default

Firefox 22 comes with WebRTC enabled by default

From today is available 22, the latest official version of the that comes with a couple of features that could be very interesting in the face of future native support for and asm.js.

For WebRTC API, this is now enabled by default, which should optimize and improve the performance of video applications, for example, calls via webcams. Also improved WebGL performance when rendering elements on the screen, and improves support for asm.js, a subset of JavaScript that can increase the performance of more complex processes in the browser, such as three-dimensional graphics.

There are also some more aesthetic additions like the ability text when using large screens, and changes in the location of the downloads bar in Mac OS X. Of course, some bug fixes made after security. can be downloaded from the official site in the language you like.

Link: Firefox Notes

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