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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Hardware News |

Firefox 64-bit Windows will not see the light

Firefox 64-bit Windows will not see the light

To date, there is no native version of for Windows operating systems to 64-bit. Yes there are 64-bit Mac OS X and Linux, but not for Microsoft. And according to Mozilla, apparently there will not be a short or medium term, as in the words of Benjamin Smedberg, head of the engineering team at the company that develops the software, you will leave the development of Firefox for Windows 64-bit.

Of course, in the future this decision could be reversed, but for now and probably for quite some time, things will remain so. The reasons? Several, highlighting the low availability of plugins for the browser if it runs at 64 bits, being the subject of one of the extensions strengths that Firefox does not want to lose to your competition.

On the other hand, says that there is no power to take over to 64-bit Firefox, because not even have time to address the revisions and corrections to the 32-bit version. So, Smedberg and his team have decided to slow in the trial versions of the browser to (hourly and nightly builds), so people waiting for the launch of this product will have to sit and wait for a long, long time.

Link: Mozilla Firefox kills quietly for 64-bit Windows, DESPITE an Estimated 50% of testers using it (The Next Web)

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