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Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in Software |

Firefox officially launched version 17

Firefox officially launched version 17

Now available unofficially since yesterday, but today it has become the main launch of Mozilla, becoming visible for the entire planet as the final, non-beta of the popular web browser. For the impatient, the download is done directly from the site’s front , so expect to get off as they finish reading this note.

Because I want to tell some of the highlights you’ll find in 17, highlighting the role first click-to-play for plugins, which takes a list of plugins that considers insecure (older versions of Silverlight, Adobe Flash and Reader ) and blocks to run, showing in the empty box to the user a suggestion to update immediately. In the same space, however, the person may change the content anyway even if desired, through a click.

Moreover, the company has withdrawn support for the operating system Mac OS X 10.5 on Firefox 17, so that it can not run on that platform. In addition, general improvements are promised in terms of performance (processing engines) and bug fixes, and known issues, so this browser version should be the fastest, stable and secure for all.

Link: Firefox 17 launches with click-to-play plugin blocks for old Adobe Reader, Flash, and Silverlight (The Next Web)

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