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Posted by on May 19, 2012 in Hardware News |

First Atom-based micro-architecture Silvermont debut Q1 2013

First Atom-based micro-architecture Silvermont debut Q1 2013

Back in April 2008 made his debut the Silverthorne family of microprocessors (Z500 Series), the first microprocessors aimed at devices with low power requirements, based on Bonnell, a direct descendant of the P5 architecture (architecture in-order execution CPUs released in Classic Pentium and Pentium MMX) and manufactured with the 45nm manufacturing process Intel. They were followed a few months (June 2008) by Atom Diamondville (200/300/N200 Series), which gave birth to Netbooks.

Through the years, the micro-architecture in-order execution continued to be used in the following families Atom chip (Lincroft, Pineview, Cedarview, Stellarton, Sodaville, Medfield) but adapted to modern times through the integration components such as memory controller, integrated graphics, integrated northbridge, southbridge and recently built, giving birth to real (System on Chip).

But if there is something worth mentioning Atom and its old architecture Bonnell, is that it looks very weak next to its competitors (Isaiah “Nano” VIA, Bobcat “Ontario and Zacate” AMD and ARMv7 “ARM Cortex-A9/A15 “), which are higher performance microprocessors because they are based on a much more modern architecture out of order execution (out-of-order), a situation that finally change next year with the introduction of the new micro Intel-architecture with out of order execution, which is the heart of several new families of Atom chips that will be launched between and 2014.

According to Fudzilla the new Atom chips based on the new architecture will make their appearance Silvermont in Q1 2013 (January to March), and probably the first Atom chip is based on the rumored Silvermont Valley View and the Atom chip that will form the platform Merrifield ; both Atom SoCs manufactured with the manufacturing process to Tri-Gate of Intel.

No doubt next year will be a fierce war in the market for low-power microprocessor with ARM Cortex microprocessor and-A15 and its new Apollo (based on its new 64-bit architecture ARMv8), with its recent MIPS micro-architecture APTIV and AMD with its new micro-architecture Jaguar (Bobcat replacement). No doubt the real winners of this future and bloody war between them will be the consumers.

Link: Cedar Trail to last to Q1 2013 (Fudzilla)

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