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First record of the Olympics South Korean archer is legally blind

(CC) Loopdeeloop

Goalkeeper South Im Dong-Hyun broke the first world record for the Olympic Games of London 2012 in the qualifying individual archery at Lord’s Cricket Ground, achieving a score of 699 to a maximum of 720, breaking the previous record that the Dong-Hyun it managed in a compentecia in Turkey in May this year where he reached the 696 points.

The rules are simple single Olympic Archery: Each athlete will deliver 72 arrows, put a target 70 meters away and each arrow can give a maximum of 10 points if stuck as close to the center of the target.

The impressive thing is that the left eye has a Dong-Hyun nearsightedness so severe that for legal purposes is technically blind. His left eye has a myopia of 20/200 while the right also has myopia of 20/100. What do these numbers mean? That if a normal person with his left eye sees a clearly defined object at 70 meters (as an Olympic target), Dong-Hyun does recognize only when is 7 feet away. In the case of his right eye, note the target 14 meters away.

A Dong-Hyun does not like wearing glasses or surgery plan in sight, your eyes see the target as “if different colored paint had been thrown into the water,” so the goalkeeper only to hit it as close to its center “When I see the target just try to differentiate colors. If you can not see colors there would be a problem. “

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