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Posted by on May 25, 2012 in Gadgets |

First sample video taken with the Google Goggles Glass

First sample video taken with the Google Goggles Glass

The details about how Glass remain scarce, but the company has continued to test the device in public and walking people like Sergey Brin with the in various places. Also have shared a series of photos of several Google employees using the goggles and other equipment taken , but the capability we have not seen anything yet.

In a gallery in Google+, the company included a sample video of 15 seconds recorded in 720p would show the quality that can make the device. In the video you see someone jumping on a trampoline.

Unfortunately the video does not give us more clues about how effectively the device or on the options that have augmented reality, but makes clear that Google will keep us abreast of the little progress of this project, which is slowly returning to more concrete.

Link: First video from Google’s Project sample Glass (The Verge)

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