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Five years from App Store

Five years from App Store

The July 10, 2013 are met only five years after the creation of the App Store. It was the first or anything, but Apple managed to create the first major exclusive app store for and iPod Touch, that is, a store specially created to show what back then was iPhone OS.

There is no denying that Apple achieved the perfect formula to create what today is a business that generates billions of dollars and created virtually a new market category. Apple, under pressure from developers who were able to create iPhone applications for the first unaided or Apple documentation, simply reverse engineer, realized that giving the possibility for companies and anyone could create an iPhone application, upload, categorize and make it available in a simple, could be a good deal.

Five years from App Store image 2 App Store for arrived on July 10, 2008 after an iTunes update (to Latin America took a little longer ), so that a day later, to receive for sale iPhone 3G , the second generation of iPhone and managed to become one best selling mobiles of the day, a phone that completely changed the landscape of the operators and smartphones. Not that Apple invented the app store format, but managed to be immensely easier thanks to be able to buy a few cents with one touch.

Apple managed to launch App Store with only 500 applications a year later the number of Apps soared to 55,000, by 2010 closed with more than 300,000, in 2011 it reached half a million and up to today, where about one million applications available and more than 50,000 million downloads.

When the day of July 10 in 2008, the best-selling paid apps were these five:

  • Super Monkey Ball
  • MLB At Bat
  • Onmifocus
  • Enigmo
  • Cro-Mag Rally

And the most downloaded free apps turned out to be these:

  • Remote
  • AIM
  • Facebook
  • Google Mobile
  • eBay Mobile

From that day until his fifth birthday much has changed, especially since the store is now available in 155 countries, making Apple is present in countries on every continent and making the creation of an application or a game their devices a global business.

Approval Process

Apple launched its SDK in March 2008, to allow time for developers to create applications for the next iOS and iPhone 3G. What may not be expected or may not be communicated is that these applications would have an approval process , which Apple workers would be revised to be compatible with Apple’s strict rules.

Apple has given enough to talk to the approval process for apps, especially using some APIs that developers wanted to use, but Apple closed its philosophy never accepted. But it has also generated electronic ink rivers when the approval process is used, or implied that it was used as a weapon against competitors.

The problem with adoption is that Apple does not give a clear date of when your application may be available in the App Store, it could be from hours from the time that you send to days. It depends from the APIs that developers use or to content that is capable of displaying the application.

For example, if an application displays at some point some porn (seen from U.S. morality), surely the application will be rejected. Newstand was notorious case, an application that would allow access in UK newspapers around the world where magazines also appeared an erotic magazine. That was the reason for the rejection and its developers were required to remove such content and resubmit the App

Steve Jobs said in one of those answers that occasionally made ​​via email, “we believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone. People who want porn can buy an Android phone “.

Another of the many examples could be Firefox, who wanted to create an app for iOS him to use the Gecko engine present in their browser, which according to Apple’s rules is forbidden, you use the Safari engine integrated into the operating system.

Although these are high-profile cases, perhaps some morality in the U.S., we can not forget that also reject any application, such as attempting to send a message xenophobic, misogynistic or hateful.

Jailbreak iOS Cidya and open

If there is a limitation of a famous product, do not worry because there will always be a group of hackers willing to try to open it. This is what happened with Apple iOS and, given the limitations of approval of applications and looking for a way to install applications not signed by Apple and posted on the App Store, was born on Jailbreak.

Many of the developers who participated in finding a way to sneak into the Apple operating system for mobile devices simply moved them motivation that could be done, but still no one had succeeded. But one of the branches of the Jailbreak was Cydia , a store and small alternative applications for iOS hacks.

If you wanted to change the design of the interface now iOS or something basic like tethering to your phone to another device, you needed to make Jailbreak (pardon the term) to your device and search for the right applications. This opened a war between developers and Apple to see who was faster on plugging the security holes that allowed operate Jailbreak or who could find a new security hole.

Applications that have to talk

When the iPhone 3G and 3Gs smartphones started to become very sold and the number of users of iOS increased steadily, became very notable success stories of the App Store. These stories are too good to pass up, people who a few weeks or months of work invested in an application, manage to sell thousands of Apps to a public that continues to find the best apps to buy and install on your iPhone.

Five years from App Store image 3 Suddenly, create an application became child’s play and anyone could make thousands of dollars a month with a good application. It is perhaps one of the biggest lies created from a store like this. A dozen cases, even a hundred success stories does not mean that anyone can become rich by creating an application, much less when you have six million developers creating more apps.

The most famous case was the application I’m Rich, who just showed a picture of a ruby and nothing else. Just that. The application price was $ 999. The worst part is that many people fell and bought the application.

This would not have been a problem, but rather a story of how a handful of people have nothing else on which to spend the money, but everyone does with their money what they want. The problem is that this application was purchased by minors who either do not know what they were exactly or told their parents they did not know what they said.

Cases like this meant that Apple had to add the installation in two steps, first press buy or download an application and then having to type the Apple account password associated to confirm the purchase. It is a two-step system that certifies cumbersome but to acquire, is made with all knowledge.

Few cents applications that become business

Five years from App Store image 4

Today we could not imagine without some applications, which more than software have become everyday tools. For example WhatsApp, which began as a messaging application using the data rate (it was not the first to use this model) and thus save a lot of money on text messages, especially in countries where the messages come in packs of thousands and the U.S. free

WhatsApp managed to become thanks to word of mouth in a success thanks to iOS and the money you saved, but above all, became a true messaging platform when it opened to Android. Maybe it’s one of the best deals in your time could provide the App Store, to convert a popular service, to be open to other platforms.

Angry Birds, the rule

If there is someone who owes a lot to the App Store, that’s Rovio. The creators of Angry Birds can say they have an empire thanks to sales of its game par excellence.

Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons for iPhone and iPad are in the top 5 most downloaded paid apps. There are no official numbers for your downloads, but have generated millions of dollars for Rovio, besides giving them the ability to create more games and partnerships with other brands, such as Angry Birds: Star Wars .

Five years from App Store image 5


If the 3G iPhone changed the rules for operators because they did not have much control, they, the same operators that provide the data service and the calls that have “lost”. Although the operators should focus on providing a service call, message and data you’re paying, they lost the opportunity to get into a multimillion dollar business.

Free messaging applications that have appeared have been a revenue loss text messages, and we were glad they were so expensive and who have ended up becoming the last resort to contact someone.

But if there is a big loser thanks to the App Store, these companies are consoles, with Sony and Nintendo as the main protagonists. The iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad became no longer just communication tools, if not in consoles that with each new generation of processor to run games with better graphics. Although most iOS games are kind of “casual”, a person can spend more money almost without flinching in small games in one for PS Vita or Nintendo DS.

Future App Store

Apple still sells many iOS devices. And while the iPhone and the iPad are listed as “expensive” to a large audience, it remains one of the companies that are generating money through the app store.

It is unclear Apple plans to launch a new iPhone “cheap” , or at least at a lower cost than the current iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S yet sold. But it would be a great strategy and not only to enter markets where Android dominate smartphone for low prices, but it would be another boost for developers creating applications for iOS siguiesen, now with a much larger audience. Everything depends on how Apple approach this store for the next five years, with a platform like Android getting bigger, but with a big problem of piracy, which Google must end.

If there is something that works? Leave as is? Usually not Apple’s style kept in a type of business and not change anything. Apple should improve the percentage that developers take for each application to a Windows Phone-style model, where you begin to bill for earnings level.

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