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Posted by on Jun 9, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Flame Malware entered into self-destruction process

Flame Malware entered into self-destruction process

Flame , the new used in international cyber spying, has a lot to talk over the past days, and no wonder, since it seems to be the most complex computer threat of all time. And among all the features and functions it was missing the icing on the cake, which was recently discovered: it is capable of destroying itself.

Because it has been noticed that a few hours began its process of suicide, and do not say so because, since it was detected that a module within the software called which came running. Pretty obvious.

Apparently this module hijacked computers downloaded from servers under the control of hackers, which eliminates the 163 files and folders that houses four malicious code. Also, delete the installer and any trace of the presence of Flame is removed from the system, then overwrite the area with random values, avoiding data recovery.

So, now that the malware was discovered removed himself seeks to protect the perpetrators, the people suspected to be associated with governments of great nations. Moreover, the threat is little known by all the utility it provides, so we could say that this self-destruction and the malware is in retreat.

Link: Flame cryptographic named to marvel; Infected PCs commit suicide (Slashgear)

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