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Posted by on May 25, 2012 in Internet |

Flickr introduces new features to their groups

Flickr introduces new features to their groups

A couple of days Flickr updated its primary and a few months ago introduced justified in view of images, only to see the images of our contacts. However, Flickr does not want us to wait longer and included this feature to the groups.

Thus, the hearing warranted introduced a sidebar that remains fixed as we move through the page also contains information about the group. So if we want to hide the and to expand and fill the space and view them in more detail without having to open them.

Other improvements included the have to do with new methods of to interact with the discussions that are taking place in the groups as posting a topic, read and respond to others. Also now when we get a picture in the “Uploadr” we can simultaneously send one of the groups that we form part.

While the changes that Flickr has been implemented in recent times they are still reaching the time to see a photograph and even upload it, could do much more while others like Facebook have made good progress in this area. Moreover, the blog says it is working hard on the new Flickr, so we have to wait to see what’s New and if he can remove a couple of users to the competition.

Link: Groups: A new view, new API methods, and add from Uploadr (Flickr Blog)

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