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Posted by on May 16, 2012 in Internet |

Flickr launches new interface with high resolution images

Flickr again updated its interface, after renewing the system to upload images to the service a few weeks ago. The idea now is to show better the way you view high resolution images that exist on the site.

The system automatically recognizes the size and resolution of your screen, depending on which will display different amounts of information, size and quality of the photos. The design has been called “liquid” and implies that the photos will look great no matter what the computer from which you are facing.

This design change is part of a renewal of Flickr, which has lost its force by the system for sharing photos from Facebook and social networks like Instagram. Flickr is concerned to deliver the best possible presentation for photos, which certainly will appeal to casual photographers who want unless your images shine.

Link: Liquid Photo Page Layout (Flickr)

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