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Posted by on Oct 9, 2012 in Science |

Follow the jump live supersonic Felix Baumgartner

The day has come! Today The skydiver jumps from a height of 36,500 feet, with a very clear goal: Break the sound barrier with his body.

The daredevil jump Baumgartner can be followed via the through , which already contained the player with a countdown clock to the time in which we can see the parachute jump attempt their supersonic.

To achieve this, Baumgartner has technology that allows you to support the lack of pressure, temperature changes, and brake in time to reach the ground safely, as yesterday we had Cony with many details .

And the freefall Baumgartner will face long and could even cost you your life, but do not care paratrooper risk, as it moves the illusion of going down in history as the “first supersonic man without mechanical assistance.”

Link: Red Bull Stratos

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