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Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Hardware News |

Follow the leak: another important executive Samsung AMD is passed

Follow the leak: another important executive Samsung AMD is passed

The name of is probably not known to many people (in the tech world), but your work history is no less: for 25 years has been senior executive of AMD, and served most recently as corporate vice president of engineering and product design, among other things. Therefore, striking his change of job and employer, who has just joined the ranks of Samsung.

Specifically, his current position is Vice President and systems architect in the facilities in Austin, Texas. During his quarter-century in (had entered in 1988) always worked in important positions and said it was a “respected engineer” of the company, in addition, also oversaw AMD operations in India.

According to the rumors, Goddard’s departure was voluntary AMD and in no case was dismissed, so some people were a little surprised with the move. Moreover, this fact adds to the shifting status of AMD lately, where top come and go, but from the firm say that “still making strategic hires” as part of the plan to rejuvenate the business that seems to have lived better days.

AMD is currently working against time and even up against the lack of liquidity in its coffers , and so much so that its workforce will be reduced by 15% in the medium-short term.

Link: Michael Goddard, a 25-year AMD Veteran, Jumps to Samsung (All Things D)

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