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Posted by on May 17, 2012 in Companies |

For Forbes, Steve Ballmer of Microsoft’s “worst CEO in America” ​​

Ballmer attitude “I get free punches” (cc) flickr The CBI

“For his failure with Windows Vista, by devaluing the shares of the company, to occupy places inefficiency competitive in the mobile market” and so many insights from his job as CEO of Microsoft, Forbes decided to appoint Steve Ballmer as “The CEO of the United States but” Is it to much?

According to the economic publication, Ballmer would be something like the friend that “everything he touches breaks.” The magazine, through the journalist Adam Hartung, author of the note where he was awarded the CEO, Ballmer indicated that Microsoft not only destroyed but also made much of the ecosystem that accompanied the company also collapsed and lost ground.

Among the findings of Hartung Ballmer on the path are the following and more controversial “achievements” of the CEO to win this award:

  • Away to Microsoft, without assistance of some of the fastest growing technology markets and lucrative, such as mobile music, mobile phones and tablets.
  • In its decisions sacrificed and earnings growth of companies in the ecosystem to which it belongs (Dell, HP, Nokia).
  • In 2000 (when he took Ballmer) Microsoft shares cost $ 60. During his tenure had a floor of $ 20 and managed to stabilize at $ 30, but never rose.
  • His emphasis and lack of business acumen led the Windows Vista operating system to fail (although I personally believe that Vista will hit the shot in the foot alone and unaided). So strong was the fall of Vista that collateral damage affected the confidence of users on W7 and Office 2010, making Apple the technological preference for users of personal computers.

In concluding his judgment, Hartung analyzes present Microsoft with Ballmer at the head saying that “after sinking Zune, your tablet, Windows CE and other mobile products, is the same company that Ballmer began to control a decade ago, only one company selling PCs in news where demand is geared to mobile. “

Like all rankings, could not have a podium without a second and third. In second place was Edward Lampert, chairman of Sears stores (for their contribution to the company to become totally irrelevant in a market I knew well and where it was a strong competitor).

In third place was the CEO of Walmart, Mike Duke, for allowing use bribes as a tool for business growth abroad. Among the Top Five CEOs of technology appears in the fifth John Chambers of Cisco, because, according to Forbes analysis, “despite having three times the company restructured, there were no substantial changes or improvements.”

Do you agree with the “achievements” of Ballmer? Was a little hard on him or really Microsoft could have become a serious competitor in the mobile market with an innovative CEO?

Link: Oops! Five CEOs Who Should Have Already Been Fired (Cisco, GE, WalMart, Sears, Microsoft) (Forbes)

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