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Posted by on Aug 15, 2012 in Venture |

Former Apple engineer launch project to program without knowing complex computing tools

Former Apple engineer launch project to program without knowing complex computing tools

If it were as simple as creating an application to register a profile on a social network or our own website, they might happen two things: you fill the application stores waste without content or utility, or as said Andy Grignon , you can unlock the potential and creativity of millions of users who through lack of knowledge can not translate their ideas.

So this former engineer and WebOS, devoted the entire last year to work on your project Quake Labs, a venture that will provide tools for anyone without programming knowledge or design, can create an application for mobile devices, computers and even smart TVs.

Andy was part of the team of Apple engineers who worked on the original iPhone. Then, he moved to Palm to lead the development of WebOS: “I want to help someone with zero programming ability to build something incredibly cool it would be difficult even today with an experienced staff of designers and engineers,” he says.

To give practical effect to this project, Grignon engaged a team of technicians and professionals who are among some former Apple fellow, as Jeremy Wyld, experienced former software engineer at Apple and William Bull, responsible for redesigning the iPod in 2007.

Grignon says his project is very ambitious and has the resources and tools to achieve it near the end of the year. Expected after the release, improvements begin to optimize the service, as his experience as a programmer at Apple left him as teaching that “never anything you do will be good enough”

Link: Ex-Apple Engineers These Are Working On A Stealth Startup Easier To Make Content Creation On The iPad (Business Insider)

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