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Posted by on Sep 12, 2012 in Companies, Hardware |

Former Apple executive in the ’80s: “Apple has invented nothing”

These criticisms come from Jean-Louis Gassee , who was not a single executive, but he who replaced Steve Jobs as head of Macintosh development when it came down to it to a lower position in 1985 by a dispute over a marketing strategy (where ended up resigning after five months).

Gassee was the head of in France before replacing Jobs and you could say that was responsible for the image we have today of Apple: A company that instead of selling products “for the rest of us” (the slogan advertising in the eighties of the company), follows the strategy of “high and to the right ‘, powerful and modern products, but also more expensive than point to a profit margin of 55% or more.

While Apple is preparing to launch tomorrow the next iPhone , Gassee published an aggressive column in the British newspaper The Guardian entitled “Apple did not invent anything.” In it, the former executive said that the Cupertino company does not invent things, but specializes in taking existing ingredients to create his most acclaimed products.

“For 30 years the industry tried unsuccessfully to create a tablet. The devices failed one after the other, the Dynabook Alan Kay, the Go , Eo , GridPad , several Tablet PC from Microsoft, including the Newton from Apple in the early 90s. Then in 2010 Jobs takes the stage with and iPad and everything becomes obvious, easy. Three decades of failures are forgotten.

With this, Gassee states that the basic ingredients in these tablets are the same as in the iPad, the hardware and software, and states that the successful Apple tablet is just a variation, a reinterpretation of these older models (but leaving the stylus ). Similarly, Gassee also argues that the iPhone was a reimagining of the smartphone before a truly new and never before seen.

Finally compared with a chef Steve Jobs, saying his real talent was not inventing new products from scratch, although the company’s catalog as ‘inventions’, but taking existing products and concepts (like ingredients) to transform them into something really innovative.

Or, as stated at the time Isaac Newton (quoting Bernard of Chartres): “If I have seen further it is because I am standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Link: Apple have not invented anything (The Guardian)

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