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Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in Gadgets |

Former board member of Microsoft: “No matter how successful the Surface, but Windows 8″

(CC) jdlasica

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, who until a month ago was a board member of Microsoft, said in an interview with the site All Things D that the Redmond company “faces the best competitors ever had, Google and Apple. They have very large and interesting battles.

In the interview, Hastings also compared to the Windows desktop interface, and the fact that it comes with retreating while living with the new interface for touch screens-with the old DOS operating system, which survived for many versions of Windows while programs adapted to run on a windows GUI and which occupies a mouse.

While Hastings says he enjoyed the Surface, and using it daily because “leave it plugged in overnight and enough to work all day,” he said that “Windows 8 works? That is the biggest question. The is Microsoft’s strategy to encourage people to purchase the Windows 8. No matter how successful the Surface, what matters is the success of Windows 8, “said the executive.

Link: Reed Hastings on Microsoft: Windows 8 Watch, Not Surface (All Things D)

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