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Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Software |

Found photos and coded message inside an old Mac SE

Found photos and coded message inside an old Mac SE

A hacker group NYC Resistor name found in the ROM of an old SE, a series of hexadecimal encrypted images and a string of strange characters, left by the development team in 1986.

The style of the classic computer easter eggs, some kind of trick or secret signature programmers engaged in some developments and have their origin in 1979, when Warren Robinett game scheduled for Adventure, Atari, a trick that made it appear his name, finding this information came as a team investigating the source code of the ROM of the Mac SE. The images were labeled with the date November 20, 1986.

Along with these images he found a character string, which for the moment does not seem to have any apparent meaning, it is likely that some of the developers, as happens today, little inclined to write, has shot that sequence mode meaningless Test: JCSLWRLBBMABOEMTDAHJTCFJLMBKCRCLAKEHBRDCDAFSHFT

The Mac SE investigated by NYC Resistor was found lying on a street in Brooklyn, as have some members of the group, and although it starts, lacks any kind of external media so they decided to do a bit of “archeology digital “.

On the site of the group is related to the smallest detail of the procedure performed to isolate the ROM of the SE and to access it.

Link: Ghosts in the room (nycresistor)

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