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Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in Internet |

Four members of Anonymous are condemned for attacking PayPal and MasterCard

Four members of Anonymous are condemned for attacking PayPal and MasterCard

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The year was 2010, and WikiLeaks was considered public enemy by the United States, after hundreds of diplomatic cables leak. In response, U.S. companies began to suspend their services: Amazon not allowed to use their servers , I removed your domain name , and companies like PayPal , Visa and MasterCard transactions suspended money to WikiLeaks, cutting the way they received donations.

was outraged and launched a distributed denial of service, leaving websites operating outside of the three companies for several hours and disrupting the transactions that are performed from them. Today, four people were convicted of these attacks.

Christopher Weatherhead (22), Jake Birchall (18), Ashley Rhodes (28) and Peter Gibson (24) were found guilty by a criminal court in London for conspiring to harm the operation of computers to participate in “Operation: Payback”. While the former denied the charges and claimed he was innocent – but the court did not said the same – the other three pleaded guilty.

Originally, Operation: Payback was aimed at the music industry for his stance and actions against piracy, but changed his goal after what happened with WikiLeaks. According to the court, the attacks have cost businesses $ 5.6 million USD in hiring new staff, software and lost sales. Statements that young people will have not yet been specified.

Link: ‘Anonymous’ Hackers Targeting Convicted of PayPal, MasterCard (Bloomberg)

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