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Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in Entertainment |

Four movies when technology causes us fear

Four movies when technology causes us fear


We love technology, however, sometimes the film reminds us that we must be afraid of what might happen if we do not control over its use. Terminator and Matrix are some classic examples. However, there are many horror films scary looking with current technology available and domestic we deal with every day.

If not you scared on costumes with people looking sweet, we leave here some examples if is your thing.

Ringu (1998), Hideo Nakata

VHS. The famous scene that causes your sound your phone immediately, with a voice that will soon die threat is pretty grim, but only when your images are in a format analog video with all its noise and blur that digitization already made forget.
If the Japanese horror is not your thing, the American adaptation is at the same level of quality. In fact, it must be one of the best remakes Hollywood (from the original) along with ‘ Let me in ‘.

Chakushin Ari (One Missed Call) (2004) by Takashi Miike

Cell. Yes, we know that most of the Japanese horror film about ghost children who try to kill you for reasons unknown, but its effectiveness is undeniable scary. In fact, the ringtone of this film is used in houses of terror Japanese amusement parks.

Videodrome (1982), by David Cronenberg

Television. Hardcore pornography, the new flesh, sadomasochism and mind control. Topics usual in ancient Cronenberg film that left years ago to pursue filmmaking ‘respectable’. Videodrome is the story of a guy who becomes obsessed with a TV signal underground, so that ends up going crazy.

De Lift (1983), Dick Maas

Elevators. A little trick: never say that they were good movies, and De Lift, The Lift, is an excellent example of a tape terrible but who dared to show the most peculiar of the murderers of horror films, a lift evil. To see this scene, knowing that there and then never remember. If you want a lift afraid, no decent options (the most salvageable would Devil by M. Night Shyamalan).

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