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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Companies |

Foxconn buys 9% of GoPro

Foxconn buys 9% of GoPro

Currently, brand is well recognized by the adventurers and lovers of extreme sports, as the company sells very versatile camcorder to mount almost anywhere, growing a lot during the last time as a successful company. This is why it has attracted the attention of a giant of the tech industry, who has decided to participate in the project in order to be something big in the future.

We speak of Foxconn, who acquired 9% of GoPro to the tune of $ 200 million, according to the assessment made by GoPro total of no less than USD $ 2,250 million. What is the idea of the agreement? According to Nicholas Woodman, GoPro’s CEO, the goal is that with the help of a manufacturing giant massive as it is, this kind of camera can scale in production and position itself as a handy tool for many more people, perhaps resulting in wider distribution channels for in more countries or who knows, even a low price.

Link: Foxconn pays $ 200M for 9 percent share of GoPro, joins board (Electronista)

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