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Posted by on Jun 28, 2013 in Gadgets |

Foxconn presented a smart watch that connects to your iPhone

Foxconn presented a smart watch that connects to your iPhone

Rumors of a smart watch manufactured by never stopped running. The last we heard is that the company patented a kind of wristwatch intelligent few months ago . The novelty of today does not come from Apple, but Foxconn, who are in charge of making the apple devices.

Turns out the company Hon Hai Precision, also known as Foxconn, lodged a smart watch capable of running multiple functions and connect to iPhone. The device can receive calls or check your Facebook status and also measure vital signs such as pulse or breath to see if the values ​​are appropriate.

Measuring vital signs is an interesting addition, and that is if you leave the range of recommended values, the clock will issue an alert to tell you how you can improve them. It is expected that in the future have an fingerprint reader to keep track of the health status.

According to the chairman of Hon Hai, Terry Gou: “with a device like this can keep your phone in your pocket and review all messages on the clock”. was shown yesterday at a meeting of shareholders and is expected to serve to catapult your income. The truth is that no one knows when it will come to the market or will be available outside China.

Just a month ago Foxconn announced it had plans to create and sell their own brand of technological devices. The idea is to focus on accessories, many of which could have served to equipment brands like Apple. This watch would be a perfect example of the strategy of the assembler Taiwanese

Link: Hon Hai reveals iPhone-Compatible smartwatch (via CNET )

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