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Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in Companies |

Foxconn Workers want to do more overtime

Foxconn Workers want to do more overtime

employees are concerned. No suicides by colleagues or child exploitation, but by lowering the ceiling on the amount of that can be done weekly, although this rule is part of a reform which seeks to protect the integrity of the people . But recent interviews with several of them show that the most important thing is money, so do not complain about being able to do more than nine hours a week in addition to their regular day, which is the legal framework established in China.

And is that while all eyes are on Foxconn, Easterly company manufactures devices for many brands in the West and has been embroiled in a series of controversial labor abuse , against which they have taken steps to eliminate child labor and excessive overtime, which apparently has not been well received by the themselves, who in the past received about USD $ 540 per month including the additional time they wanted (outlaw), being now the salary basis USD $ 350 plus legal nine hours weekly, resulting in less than $ 540. This even motivate employees to leave their jobs at Foxconn, since the need to earn more than $ 350 to support a family makes replanted daily priorities.

Link: Foxconn Workers Say, ‘Keep Our Overtime’ (Wall Street Journal)

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