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France and the UK has its own Prism

France and the UK has its own Prism

The French newspaper Le Monde has published important information regarding the case , although not directly touches, looks related. According to this newspaper, the secret service and French, “Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure” or better known by its acronym “DGSE” also would have its own citizens spying system.

Although Le Monde suggests that it is a system focused to seek information from communications in France, also accesses data outside French territory, which could cause serious problems for within the European Union, including sanctions. The system would be similar to Prism bastane, focused on search metadata in communications, such as the duration of a call, from where it was, where he was going, author and recipient email or text messages.

We must remember that the President of the Republic François Hollande, like other members of countries like the which is said also has a spy system similar U.S. formally protested against Prism by the case and the alleged espionage case of non-US citizens. UU.

European double standards

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Viviane Reding, François Hollande or Prism David Cameron has been criticized for meddling in communications and in the privacy of their citizens, Europeans, French and British. But it seems clear that there is a double standard between the leaders present out of doors that should show a face of discontent and betrayal of their sovereignty, when their own intelligence agencies have similar systems.

The EU should demand explanations from the U.S., yes, but also should provide explanations to member countries spy on each other, and above all that information is being collected.

United Kingdom, as reported by The Guardian, has a service called Tempora operated by Headquarters Government Communications or “GCHQ”. Its main objective as Snowden information leaked by the Guardian is to collect as much data traffic and internet phone possible, to store and investigate. Wired UK defines this system as a system of data interception, with 200 fiber optic cables connected companies that manage networks, voluntarily or forced, giving up to 10 gigabits of data per second.

The irony is that the European Commission has to vote in favor of a resolution that suspends cooperation between and the U.S. to exchange information.

The spy spy agencies …

George Orwell would be rolling over in his grave, we have become a society that is able to spy on each other by bodies whose secrecy is defended by national security. U.S. President. UU. Prism defended as a system that has helped stop many attempted attacks worldwide, including in the North American territory. But do not doubt that this system has helped to prevent these attacks, which is certainly unique for its use of terrorism issues.

We should take off the blindfold. There are children who do not know if your country has an intelligence service and information, which has spies, spy on course.

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