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Posted by on Jun 20, 2013 in Hardware News |

France threatens to punish Google if not subject to privacy laws

France threatens to punish Google if not subject to privacy laws

has issued a to the search engine giant. The French government requires to be fastened to the obligations of the French regarding privacy. Is not given within three months, the company will receive a penalty.

According to the analysis of the French Commission for Informatics and Liberties (CNIL), Google is criticized for the fact that the user has no means of knowing what the company does with your personal data.

Since early April, 6 of the 27 European authorities for the protection of data, have announced the launch of a joint enforcement action against Google. Since then, every authority continues his research independently.

Today Spain also initiated a healing process. Germany for its part, did recently, while Italy, more “patient” expected “clarification” before proceeding to act.

Google for its part considers that respects EU law and that “continue to work with national authorities in the context of the processes that have been started.”

Google under threat of punishment in France

The authorities accuse the search engine to implement unilaterally last year new rules on the confidentiality of users of different services (Gmail, Google+, Google Drive, etc..) And have not taken any concrete steps to improve, despite repeated requests.

In the series of measures expected, the CNIL asked Google “define a shelf of processed personal data that does not exceed a time” and “to be cataloged and fair treatment of passive users” particularly with respect to data collected by the use of cookies on Internet browsers.

Google has three months to comply with the “French Law of Computing and Liberties”. “If Google does not comply with this notice within the time limit, the CNIL may impose a penalty against the company,” he said in a statement. These penalties can reach € 150,000 in France.

However, the Commission also has the means to ban Google, treatment and data collection in France. “It is theoretically possible. But we are not there yet, “he said at the beginning of the year the French newspaper Le Figar, Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, the head of the CNIL.

As we mentioned in previous news , European culture has ingrained the value of respect for life, especially French culture. We feel very good that France and other countries put strong hand to respect more the user. However, we ask the question of whether the sum of 150,000 euros is really persuasive for a company that makes billions of dollars a year.

Link: V privée ie: the CNIL met Google in demeure (


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