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Posted by on Jul 4, 2013 in Hardware News |

Free Office and office applications promise AMD GPU accelerated

Free Office and office applications promise AMD GPU accelerated

Since Office 2007, Microsoft promised to bring office applications that until now promise has not been fulfilled, because this support is limited to a few GPU-accelerated effects on reproduction of PowerPoint, but apparently the situation will not be repeated with Free Office.

claims to have joined The Document Foundation to collaborate on the development of the suite: Open Office, helping to migrate many of the intensive calculations of the suite from the CPU to the GPU, using the standards “HSA” and OpenCL, to deliver much higher performance.

One Free Office applications benefit most from GPU acceleration will be Calc, which will become a very powerful alternative to Microsoft Excel, thanks to support gigantic spreadsheets, which quickly calculated via OpenCL.

AMD promises that the Free GPU acceleration Office will work with any GPU, or any brand (Intel, Nvidia and AMD Graphics VIA/S3) OpenCL-compatible.

Link: Free Office adds GPU acceleration, spousal Gives gamers a potent defense (ExtremeTech)


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