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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Internet |

French court fined the first lawbreaker Hadopi, despite his innocence

French court fined the first lawbreaker Hadopi, despite his innocence

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Although the law of “three strikes”, also known as “Hadopi” in France, has spent two years in operation, this is the first time someone is fined for violating it – even if the defendant is actually innocent. A 40 year old man was called to the court, where he blamed illegal downloads, however, the real culprit was his wife, who admitted Rihanna songs downloaded.

However, one expert explained to TorrentFreak, “saying he knew she was downloading infringing content, but did not prevent, self-framed”.

According law, whether the subject performed the infringing act himself, because as owner of the connection doubted, he is responsible for what happens to her. The court found the man guilty of not securing your internet connection, and was fined 150 euros.

The ordered the deployment of three warnings before punishing the offender, giving enough time for the person to change their behavior and take steps to prevent further violations occur. Since October 2010, we have identified 3 million French IP infringing, of which 1.15 million were a “first strike”, 102,854 one second strike, and 340 third strike. Of these, 14 cases have come to court, and this is the first ending in infringement.

Link: French 3 Strikes: Court first file-sharer purposes, even though he’s innocent (TorrentFreak)

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