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Posted by on May 28, 2012 in Internet |

From Microsoft also download files via torrent

From Microsoft also download files via torrent


is one of the most interested in reducing piracy, and indeed are sponsoring initiatives to reduce the scourge of the torrents. But apparently the problem for the company is old enough, and before heading out to educate the world the best you could do is start at home.

And in Freak, along with the help of YouHaveDownloaded site, made an interesting discovery. YouHaveDownloaded it does is gather information from various public trackers and associate with the IP of the user who enters the site, so who knows if they made some kind of download via torrent. Best of all: to search for a specific IP to see if you used a public tracker at some point.

Thereafter, the rest is too simple. And it was discovered that some IPs belonging to Microsoft actually have downloaded any type of file via torrent, and these are of all kinds: from ordinary films to those other adult matter, or educational books.

The method had been applied before with another company keen to reduce piracy, such as the RIAA. And the result? Exactly the same as Microsoft . While this will hardly abate the spirit of the company to meet the famous illegal downloads.

Does anyone surprised? Personally, for anything.

Link: Busted: Microsoft Harbors BitTorrent Pirates (Torrent Freak)

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