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Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in Social Networks |

FTC says that Facebook does not verify the tested applications

FTC says that Facebook does not verify the tested applications

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According to a report by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) U.S. social networking site have not verified the security of applications that promoted during the existence of Verification Program launched in 2009.

The charge of the revealed that Facebook received thousands of dollars to verify the safety of web sites and applications that form part of the social network, which must pass a review known as “proof of trusted user experiences “.

Through this system, the social network approved hundreds of applications, which also donated amounts between $100 and $375 for a fund to a student organization promoting non-profit. In return, received preferential treatment as greater visibility in the search results or a higher ranking in the application directory.

This information could leave the social network exposed to a claim for deceit or fraud, as deemed by a judge, against consumers who have used the applications or preferences for those that had the mark of “verified”.

What the NFC claimed at the time, was that even though a user had the option to choose the application could only share information with friends or with anyone, the selection had no effect.

The application verification program closed in December 2009 arguing that the verification and approval would extend to all applications available on Facebook.

Despite this, a few days ago the social network has reached an agreement with the FTC for the body to perform inspections of Privacy during the next 20 years. This news is not casual, but coincides with the announcement of the fine of $22.5 million applied to Google for violating the privacy settings of Users of Apple’s Safari browser.

With this agreement, from now on, whenever the FTC check any abnormality in the privacy, fine the EU social network with $13 billion (U.S. $16,056)

Link: Did not Actually Verify Facebook Verified Apps, Says FTC (geekosystem)

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