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Posted by on Sep 26, 2012 in Hardware News |

Fujitsu is looking for a buyer for its chip division

Fujitsu is looking for a buyer for its chip division

Thinking about the restructuring of its business, would squarely seeking for its semiconductor division. And the company would not be alone in the work, as they have the help of Swiss bank to find interested in this division.

In Fujitsu are open both to find a buyer who takes everything as a partner that wants to work together. The problem, according to analyst Yuichi Ichida of Mizuho Investors Securities, is that the semiconductor business “is already a mature industry,” so finding buyers can become complicated.

And the reasons that Fujitsu would sell? Mainly because low demand for the created for use in televisions is generándoles too many losses. According to other analysts Japanese, considering patents, technology and everything involved in the chip division could raise the price of it up to USD $2,600 million, or 200,000 million yen.

Given those values given the current present Fujitsu, seems a somewhat complicated and you might end up with the company out of the semiconductor business. From Fujitsu did not say much about it, except that “have not yet taken any decision.”

Link: Fujitsu Said to Hire UBS to Seek Buyers Semiconductor Unit (Bloomberg)

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