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Fujitsu low sales estimates to the little public interest in Windows 8

Fujitsu low sales estimates to the little public interest in Windows 8

In are not very happy with the estimates for the end of its fiscal year, which ends in March 2013. And this because they have had to change the numbers, and if before projected 7 million distributed teams in total, now hopefully could surpass the barrier of 6 million. And part of the blame for this is because Windows 8.

According to the president of Fujitsu, Masami Yamamoto, the interest of the people for the new operating system is not very high as everyone expected. To this we must also add other factors that have to do with the European economic crisis and which result in a very low demand for new equipment.

The truth is that apparently nor Microsoft would be too happy about the beginning of Windows 8. And people of Acer and Asus has made comments that follow the same line, despite expressing enthusiasm every time Steve Ballmer talks about the new flagship of Redmond. And is that even with the large number of licenses sold, the entry of to market has been a major impact on the segment, which is seeing people start to opt increasingly for other equipment, read tablets.

Anyway, it is too early to pass judgment on Windows 8. The fact that several manufacturers complain almost simultaneously on the initial results is not less, but as always in these cases, time will tell.

Link: Weak Demand Saps Windows 8 PC Sales, Fujitsu President Says (Bloomberg News)

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