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Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Companies |

Fujitsu recycled CDs and DVDs to laptops

Fujitsu recycled CDs and DVDs to laptops

In its heyday, CDs and DVDs were in every home and were used and burned steadily for backup storage and play movies. However, now in retreat and the flash drive and Internet connection replaced them. What to do now with all those old CDs you no longer deal?

began a program for reuse in future notebooks. The first teams to use this are the Lifebook P772/E, designed for businesses.

The recycling system can separate the plastic from the other chemicals, “ensuring that PCs and other devices meet the legal requirements of chemical components,” said Fujitsu. According to the company, this system would be reduced by 10 tons the amount of plastic produced for their manufacturing processes, reducing CO2 emissions by 15%.

The company hopes to expand this system to use plastic in other teams later. Fujitsu has five recycling centers in Japan, where it collects, separates and sorts the parts of old PCs and other products.

Link: Fujitsu laptops from making unwanted CDs and DVDs (Engadget)

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