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Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Hardware News |

Fusion APUs represent 72.5% of the sales volume of AMD

Fusion APUs represent 72.5% of the sales volume of AMD

The Future is Fusion (The Future is Fusion), the advertising slogan that promotes for years, desperately needs a change, for some time ceased to be a prophecy and became a reality and reaffirmed in the figures turnover for AMD microprocessors for Q3 2012 (July to September), where the Fusion represent 72.5% of the turnover of AMD.

The Q3 of this year, has been without doubt the worst period of the decade for the PC and PC chipmakers, where there has been thundering falls in sales volume and market capitalization of companies like Intel, Apple, AMD, and other; example of this is in the least participation x86 AMD (less than 17%) , or the fact that Qualcomm has passed Intel’s market value , an event which in itself would require a thorough analysis to be understood.

Returning to AMD, 3D Center does not bring a detailed report on the sales of AMD for Q3 2012, where we have very interesting figures What do you think are the best sellers of AMD microprocessors? Perhaps many believe they are the AMD or Series (the two strongest lines of AMD), but nothing is further from reality, they are the AMD E Series APU (Ontario and Zacate APUs based on the micro- bobcat architecture) leading the sales between AMD products with a turnover of 39%, followed by APU with a 26.1% and k10.5 CPUs (Phenom II, Athlon II and Sempron).

Other interesting figures would be 1.3% of the sales volume of AMD Opteron representing their server, or 66.5%, representing the dual-core microprocessors, 26% of the quad-core, and the incredible 1.2% of the triple-core and only 0.5% of the FX-8000 Series. This and other interesting facts in the full article 3D Center.

Fusion APUs represent 72.5% of the sales volume of AMD image 2

Link: Genauere Zahlen zum einzelnen Absatz an AMD-Prozessorenarchitekturen (3D Center)

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