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Posted by on Jul 29, 2012 in Social Networks |

Futurology: Apple could invest a percentage of Twitter

Futurology: Apple could invest a percentage of Twitter

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According to the NY Times, is tradition that when you invest money in getting a company to do so in small start-ups that happen to his credit. But that tradition may change in the future, as Apple would be interested in investing a large sum to keep a percentage of Twitter.

Analysis of the specialists said that an agreement like that would be very beneficial for both companies. In the case of Apple, because it has no real presence in social networks, or at least not at the level of Microsoft (which owns a percentage of Facebook) or Google, which has its own Google Plus. Microsoft and Google are also Apple’s main competitors in the field of hardware (computers, phones) and software (operating systems).

For its part, also speculates that Apple’s in could involve “hundreds of millions of dollars”, which in turn would increase the valuation of Twitter over 10,000 million dollars. Currently, the network of blue bird has a valuation of over 8,000 million dollars.

Why Twitter and Apple could become something like the perfect partners? Mainly because Twitter does not make phones and because Apple does not have social networks in their genes, which could further enhance the hypothetical alliance.

Link: Apple Officials Said to Consider Stake in Twitter (NY Times)

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