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Posted by on Jul 12, 2013 in Hardware |

Futurology: Apple could manufacture its own chips soon

Futurology: Apple could manufacture its own chips soon

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Why depend on others when you yourself can make it? Perhaps this idea has been countless times Apple’s mind and then to wage a legal battle with Samsung, perhaps by applying it would. At least some of that indicates a report from SemiAccurate , who says that invested in a Taiwanese manufacturing plant name United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC).

SemiAccurate, who has already rumors successful in past (such as the return of NVIDIA on MacBook), said the move is something that has been anticipated for years. Competition between Samsung and Apple in the mobile field is increasing day by day. In fact, a report in the The Wallstreet Journal indicates that Apple would have taken the first step by ordering TSMC , another Taiwanese manufacturer, chip production early next year.

Confirmed rumors SemiAccurate, Apple is taking the first step to become independent of suppliers and start manufacturing their chips. Although a part of the article that I find interesting: No company can match Samsung in capacity and providing support such as Apple to make chips.

Link: Exclusive: Apple has a fab, will make chips Their Own (via Apple Insider)

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