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Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in Companies, Internet |

Futurology: Apple launch an internet radio service

Futurology: Apple launch an internet radio service

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According to the Wall Street Journal, is in talks to license Music and use it in a new service, which would compete with Pandora. The service would create virtual stations according to musical style, from a song or artist of choice for users, and would be accessible from the browser or by an application for the iPhone, iPad or Mac

It is speculated that the service may also be available for Windows PCs, but will not work on Android devices.

The idea would expand Apple’s presence in the field of online music, where it is already present for years by selling MP3. On the other hand, would be a rival to fear for compared to its current competition. After hearing the rumor, in fact, its shares plunged 18% in the stock market in the United States.

The high costs have made licensing the online radio Pandora’s business is difficult. The company pays a royalty based on rates set by the government, instead of negotiating separate licenses with the music labels. By contrast, Apple is negotiating directly with industry, because seek to offer greater interactivity that licenses used by Pandora and other online radio services allow.

Link: Apple seeks to create Pandora rival (Wall Street Journal)

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