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Posted by on Jul 3, 2012 in Hardware News |

Futurology: Atom to 22nm “Bay Trail” for tablets will debut late next year

A few days ago, Intel announced its future platform for 2013 tablets known for its code name Bay Trail , a formed by future chips manufactured with 22nm manufacturing process to Tri-Gate and based on the new micro-architecture Silvermont .

Although it is expected that the first Atom-based manufactured in 22nm micro-architecture soc Silvermont is the Valley View , which according to Intel’s release schedule make its appearance during the first three months of next year, this SoC is oriented desktops and laptops, not tablets as Bay Trail.

According to data provided by Fudzilla, the platform, consisting of the Atom SoC codenamed Bayview probably will make his appearance from September to October 2013 (and the CVV no any delay).

Link: 22nm Atom scheduled for Q4 2013 (Fudzilla)

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