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Posted by on Jun 12, 2012 in Science |

Futurology: Before you buy glasses, try them … in a virtual fitting room!

Futurology: Before you buy glasses, try them ... in a virtual fitting room!

cc @ mihow

It seems that the next step after virtual clothing testers in stores, will be the for optical glasses. It is a new technology that is missing and less to see the light thanks to the work done by researchers of the European project MADE4U, including the (IBV). Users of this particular tester will participate in the design of your glasses .

In what consists this new technology? Well have a scanner and a virtual fitting room to be located in stores glasses.

How it works In a first step, the scanner records the anthropometric measures of client’s face, with the intention that the goggles fit snugly to your face. addition also records the optometric measures used to design progressive lens that person needs (of course, the most important part of the glasses).

The decisions taken by the user will be concerned with color, style, texture, shape, etc.. glasses. So you can see how you would before buying. Something that the optics will come in handy because they only have to add the virtual models of the glasses to the tester without physically having them in the store. So once the client is safe and responsible and would ask their suppliers.

But there’s more: Thanks to members who are part of the project, which used rapid manufacturing technologies, the user of this service will have your new glasses within two to four weeks.

Advantages: Speed time to take action because it only takes a few seconds and a low error rate. Actually not just a single virtual tester, because it is not to choose a model that feels good and you’re done, the technology behind it to get glasses that fit your face and get the right lens is the most important.

An original and quick to prove a few glasses with a frame that is created especially for us. It would be interesting to apply this technology to more kinds of virtual testers and How to order shoes or dress as special? The problem would be the price what we would that pair of shoes …

Link: They have a system that lets you choose fully customized glasses (Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia)

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