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Posted by on Sep 3, 2012 in Entertainment, Internet |

Futurology: Bruce Willis sue Apple to require changes in iTunes

Futurology: Bruce Willis sue Apple to require changes in iTunes

What about our social networking profiles when we die? That’s a question that more than once we’ve done, trying to answer what will become of our presence in the virtual world once we leave the real world and … But what about our “possessions” or “wealth” virtual one Once you stop breathing?

Can we, for example, will include in our our mobile applications for use by our loved ones, without having to pay for them? Come on, that as all good, should be liable to be inherited, right? So at least I think the actor Bruce Willis, who is determined to do whatever it takes to get their daughters inherit your library.

As you read it! The actor is determined to go even to court to the necessary changes to policies stable use for its iTunes service, enabling it to move up to the next generation the and movies you have in your library.

It turns out that under the rules of the songs download iTunes who is not the holder of the same, but someone who has bought the right to listen, so I could not move those songs to a third party … not dead! Literally.

That’s why would have decided to go further (not “the beyond”, for now) and have instructed its lawyers to study the mechanisms necessary to “skip” the restriction of the Cupertino, and write down once in the past their heirs may continue to enjoy the musical legacy that his father left them, it will not be out there just because it is said that the actor has spent thousands of dollars in downloads.

While entry may seem a curious note, if we begin to think through what it calls the actor, the truth is that I think he’s right: He already paid for that content, so I belong … Although about corresponds enjoyment, right? So why could not inherit their loved ones after death? Here is the dilemma.

Link: Bruce Willis to fight Apple over rights to his music collection after death (The Sun)

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