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Posted by on Nov 26, 2012 in Hardware |

Futurology: Google Chromebooks launch touchscreen

Futurology: Google Chromebooks launch touchscreen

A new appeared in the Taiwanese newspaper DigiTimes indicates that is working on a touchscreen Chromebook, which would be 12.85 inches. The rest of the hardware no more clues.

The rumor would involve several changes to existing Chromebooks, which have been characterized as being very cheap. The inclusion of the touch screen may affect the price. On the other hand, OS is not designed for the fingers at this time, although the company should not have many problems in creating a customized version, considering his experience with Android.

That Google will add a touch screen to their laptops would also signal that the company sees the technology in the future of these teams, which previously only supported by Microsoft.

Link: Google to release Chromebook with touch screen (CNET)

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