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Posted by on Jun 21, 2012 in Hardware News |

Futurology: Haswell-EP will have 14 cores and 35MB L3

Futurology: Haswell-EP will have 14 cores and 35MB L3

While it is expected to debut late next year the future platform for servers and supercomputers Grantley Intel, which will be available in 3 editions:

The will consist Haswell-EP/EN/E microprocessors with chipsets future (based on Lynx Point ). Microprocessors based on micro-architecture will be made with the 22nm manufacturing process Intel’s Tri-Gate (Wellsburg and Lynx chipsets will be manufactured at 32nm Point) and incorporate vector instruction set AVX 2.0 .

Haswell-EP, the chief exponent based on the micro-architecture Haswell will have a total of 14 core x86 (shortened versions of the chip may have: 12, 10 and 8 cores enabled), each capable of processing 2 threads run through HyperThreading technology (up to 28 processing threads) and up to 35MB of L3 (2.5MB per core), also accompanied by a new memory controller DDR3-2133 integrated quad channel, 40-line integrated PCIe 3.0, and use the new socket R3 (successor to the socket LGA 2011).

Completing the Grantley-EP platform we have the new C601 “Wellsburg” (32nm), successor of the C600 chipset “Patsburg” (65nm), which has 10 ports support SATA-3 (Patsburg supports 2 SATA-3) , 6 USB 3.0 ports, 8 USB 2.0 ports, and also has 8 lines PCIe 2.0, for use in integrated chips or PCIe slots, support for dual-BIOS, and a TDP of just 7W (the TDP is 12W Patsburg .)

Futurology: Haswell-EP will have 14 cores and 35MB L3 image 2

Link: Intel’s “Haswell-EP” mit bis zu 14 und 35 MB Cache Kernen (ComputerBase)

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