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Posted by on Jun 13, 2012 in Hardware News |

Futurology: Intel CPUs Sky Lake have an IGP based on Larrabee

Futurology: Intel CPUs Sky Lake have an IGP based on Larrabee

According to the roadmap for Intel x86 architectures through 2016 is expected to make their appearance by 2015 the first microprocessor-based for future Sky Lake (or Skylake), which to SemiAccurate will be the first to have an based on mic micro-architecture (Larrabee).

was originally designed as a domestic GPU , but was canceled , reborn as a product aimed at high performance computing (HPC) architecture birthing Many Integrated Core (MIC) , which was removed codenamed Larrabee, being replaced by and we have ended up calling Larrabee 2 Knights Ferry and Larrabee 3 would become the current Knights Corner . Larrabee is expected later to 4 (Knights Landing) and Larrabee 5 (Knights Hill).

As seen in the website, the Larrabee project manager is also responsible for the integrated graphics to accompany future Intel microprocessors based on micro-architectures Sky Lake, Mont Sky and later, which reinforces the rumors for years about the possibility that Intel develop an IGP based on Larrabee.

Link: What comes after Knights Landing? (SemiAccurate)

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