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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Hardware News |

Futurology: Intel plans a CPU with 48 cores for tablets and smartphones

Futurology: Intel plans a CPU with 48 cores for tablets and smartphones

Today announced its new ARM Cortex-A57 , which allows the construction of ARM SoCs with from one to 16 or more cores (up to 128 cores), but ARM is not the only that believes in massive multi-core, because reveals be working on the construction of a future 48-core microprocessor.

This future multi-core microprocessor Intel will focus on tablets and smartphones, and Intel plans to launch it within five to ten years, but does not sound too one with 48 cores for a or a Smartphone? Intel believes that progress in the programming (software) will allow future multi-core microprocessor running at relatively low frequencies, possesses superior performance and lower fuel consumption than current multi-GHz microprocessor.

This microprocessor cover future demand for portable devices equipped with two or three cameras with resolutions 4K stereoscopic 3D mode, providing enough muscle to cover a very smooth all computing needs and autonomy, in an era where smartphones and tablets , remplacen to PC as main computer equipment.

Intel explains that divide work among multiple cores provides a better user experience in the increasingly demanding multimedia contents, eg multiple cores could decode multiple video frames while providing smoother playback, while using less energy.

A monstrous product like this does not sound like something so outlandish, it is worth remembering that Intel already has a microprocessor with 60 cores in its still unreleased Xeon Phi , which is expected in December this year, and it is assumed that with evolution of manufacturing processes combined with more efficient architectures, you could get a 48-core chip with a very small size that meets Intel’s promises.

Link: Intel working on 48-core chip for smartphones, tablets (ComputerWorld)

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