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Posted by on Jul 16, 2012 in Entertainment, Internet |

Futurology: Netflix come to Spain in late 2012

Futurology: Netflix come to Spain in late 2012

Are you one of those who saw the of impossible to Spain? I confess that I had thought that the service of streaming content would never Iberian lands, for before we have seen that it would be a very profitable business given the characteristics of the Spanish market.

But now there is a hint, strong enough, which allows us to believe that Netflix might be preparing to land on Spanish soil later this year: In the source code of the Web Roku, maker of specialized players in streaming and highlights by providing access to Netflix, it would have added information to service and Germany.

The information comes from GigaOM says that the same movement performed at that site when accompanied the launch in the UK, Ireland and Canada from Netflix. So the inclusion of and Spain awakened high expectations about the possible arrival of service in these parts.

Matter of waiting: I do not particularly seem unreasonable that Netflix is rethinking coming to Spain because, although the market situation is not the best for the subject of duties and taxes that would make it unprofitable , things have changed in recent months the entry into force of Law antidescargas. And is that while there are still options for downloading content from the Web, every day gets heavier, as the authorities increase pressure and persecution against the sites and forums for the exchange of materials …

If we add that the increase in VAT in Spain, from 8% to 21% for movie tickets significantly increase its price (see a movie in a theater will cost an average of 7.3 euros, although the price varies venues and cities), options such as Netflix definitely have much more acceptance in the Spanish market.

Link: Roku eyes Germany, Spain, But Where Will Netflix go? (via GigaOm )

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