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Posted by on May 28, 2012 in Science |

Futurology: New sensors to monitor the evolution of home-Parkinson

Futurology: New sensors to monitor the evolution of home-Parkinson

cc @ Mary R.Vogt

In order to improve care and better control the development of Parkinson’s patients are working on the project Perform, who wants to develop sensors that the patient wears on clothing or accessories everyday and used to control all day evaluate the development and evolution of the disease and how effective treatments are or are not following.

Powered by (LifeSTech), a research group at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, it works something like this: You place the patient devices that send signals to a PC you have in your own home and that includes all the information to detect and evaluate symptoms. then turn all that data is sent to the hospital and produces a report every day to alert the doctor if any of the values given is irregular.

Perform researchers faced several challenges. One was the excess data. A patient wears sensors eight hours a day for a week generates 2 Gigabytes. Problem: How to analyze this amount of information to choose the most relevant?

They have done through a tool that manages information that helps doctors make decisions. So these get to have a profile of the disease patients and a personalized treatment for each.

Have conducted three pilot studies with these devices that included more than 100 patients from hospitals in Greece, Italy and Spain. Now, besides other considerations, there is more that researchers must take into account when developing these systems: The economic, ie, the cost to have these technologies to patients.

There is growing concern among researchers in applying new technologies in monitoring and health surveillance. Reason: The aging population is increasing in developed countries because we live longer, which also has the consequence that increases the time spent ill.

In Spain the first symptoms of the most widespread chronic diseases are already beginning to manifest about 40-50 years old. No doubt this would be a good system to prevent movement of sick, get better data so that the doctor can continue with more control and make better disease treatments.

New sensors to help Parkinson’s patients (Madri + d)

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