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Posted by on Jul 12, 2012 in Hardware News |

Futurology: Only Haswell-MB Notebook Intel IGP will have the GT3

Futurology: Only Haswell-MB Notebook Intel IGP will have the GT3

In recent weeks is enough information filtering on the future platform Shark Bay , consisting of the Intel based on its new micro-architecture and the Intel 8 Series “Lynx Point” . This time it’s the turn of the IGP.

As we know, Intel plans to launch three IGPs that accompany their microprocessor-DT Haswell, Haswell Haswell-MB-ULT, which will be GT1, GT2 and GT3 , gt3 them is undoubtedly the biggest bet Intel graphics, which has 2.5 times the graphics power of the current Intel igp Graphics HD 4000.

According to new information that comes from WCCF Tech, Intel apparently has decided to reserve only for GT3 versions for laptops Haswell: Haswell Haswell-MB-ULT, so that Desktop Haswell (Haswell-DT) only used the IGP GT1 and GT2.

We do not know the motives behind Intel to make this decision, but we assume they have to do with strengthening its presence in the notebook, in order to provide good graphics performance for notebooks thin and simple, without requiring dedicated graphics companies like Nvidia and AMD.

The Microprocessor Haswell-MB have TDPs of up to 57W, while the desktop versions will have TDPs of 100W. Just yesterday we learned that for Ultrabooks Haswell (Haswell-ULT) will have a TDP of 15W .

Link: Intel Haswell’s TDP at 100W Rated – Desktop CPUs to feature Class iGPU GT2, GT3 Reserved for Notebooks (WCCF Tech)

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