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Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in Gadgets |

Futurology: Technology will continue using in 20 years

Futurology: Technology will continue using in 20 years

(CC) vonslatt

There is some technology that we have used for thousands of years as writing, while others did not survive the time and record sounds on wax cylinders. We speculate that the is a risky bet because 40 years’ almost ‘no one could foresee the Internet, but if we bet, we believe that 2032 will continue even using:

USB Ports

Well, not specifically the USB port as we understand it now, but the idea that the cables will remain in a wireless future (mostly as backup support in case you fail wireless), and that all devices must address a standardization as it is today with the USB interface. We do not believe that cables are the future owners and are convinced that eventually Apple will join the rest of the world.

Banknotes and coins

Despite attempts to electronic formats as BitCoin currency, the fact that the exchange is conducted electronically will never make something as anonymous as straight pay cash. As long as people worried about their privacy, the physical money is not going away.

Physical storage of data

The future is the cloud? Sure, but that does not mean that people will no longer have the need to own a physical copy, tangible, for your information. Maybe it’s something possible if we find a way to connect everyone to a network while also working underground, which is unlikely even in the medium term.


As much as you advance in technology, networks continue to rely on an infrastructure. As is well known in Chile after the earthquake of 2010, the main characteristic of shortwave equipment is only enough to have electricity to communicate with other devices over long distances, ideal for disasters, as will happen in the future .


If Spinning finer even do not see how something so obvious that disappears audio jack of 3.5 mm. The headphones will remain part of the listening experience anything individually. May be made even smaller so they can be inserted into the ear canal, but perhaps his only replacement would direct neural interface with your brain.

Tactile surfaces

There are ways to capture the gestures and there is a promising future in speech recognition, but the problem is simple: there are two very little discrete forms of interacting with a machine. The way Tom Cruise in Minority Report worked was because they needed to act quickly, not because in this future all people work from their cubicles moving his arms as if they were dancing or have a seizure. Not to say a voice recognition interface, because although it has a promising future, the technology is to be used individually, alone.

Given this, and thinking that in the future we need an interface increasingly Ergonomically, the touch pad with a mechanism haptic feedback is seen as the likely murderer of the keyboard, which will remain key layout QWERTY and DVORAK or another by the same why not speak Esperanto: It’s hard to break with tradition.

The technologies we use decades


We can make them faster, we could put them around screens, we can improve their internal operations and their safety, but deep down has always been used and will be used in the same way: Entering a metal box and dialing the destination floor. In what way could be improved?

Toilet paper

Hollywood did not even imagine how you could replace the toilet paper in the future. In ‘The Homewrecker’ speak of a mechanism of ” three shells “never explained how it was used. The bidet has also failed to replace the toilet paper, and this rightly so.


Not much to do except improve its operational mechanism but always be, at heart, a small device that expands to protect you from the rain. At best it could integrate clothing.


They might die printed books, as well as diaries, letters and documents But the paper itself? It is an extremely versatile quick registration information, and where there are more than two papers, you can use a clip to hold them together.

Bonus: The technologies we all took for dead

The fax

The 40% of small businesses still use fax England while in Japan, 59% of households have a fax machine. This technology will survive for some years it is a simple and direct way to convey a handwritten document (hard to write Japanese with a keyboard), which also has advantages regarding the sending of signatures, so also the fax is still used extensively in the financial sector and legal in places where not implemented electronic signatures.


In the United States sent a telegram iTelegram between New York and Los Angeles costs $ 25 plus $ 0.88 per word. We do not know who could be your customers, just must be crazy.

OS / 2

Not only is still used in the financial sector, but also in public transport: subway MetroCard New York is managed with the old operating system from IBM. Waldhauer Neil is who gives support.


Riot police in the province of Urumqi in China still use crossbows to maintain public order. Crossbows!

Do you? What technologies will continue to use betting in 20 years and what you think will not last nor to witness the 2020?

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