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Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in Companies |

Futurology: would ask Apple to increase the security of its products in Europe

Futurology: would ask Apple to increase the security of its products in Europe

The system guarantees fails to convince in Europe: The Cupertino usually offer one year on their products, and additional insurance, for another year, which the user must pay extra when buying the one of the apple products. The problem? In the European Union countries the minimum guarantee for buying electronics is two years … So clearly the lack of Apple half the time.

That is why Viviane Reding, European Commissioner, has written those responsible for ensuring the rights of consumers in each of the 27 countries of the European Union, to verify whether the signature of the bitten apple is offering the minimum two-year warranty on their Macs, iPods, iPhone and iPad.

Recall that a few months ago was a joint complaint against Apple for consumer organizations in Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Denmark and Greece, which are part of the European Consumers’ Organisation (BEUC) , who have complained because:

“There is a clear trade policy by Apple and its dealers to inform consumers that their products are only covered by a one year warranty, and that any further warranty must be purchased separately.”

In Italy they have been fined up : Keep your advertising at point of sale, when a user goes to buy a product, we offer the ” AppleCare Protection Plan “which is described in its Spanish Web , for example, and which promise an “extension warranty “on their products to cover them for two years, noting that the teams are covered by a one year warranty, when according to the European system are covered by two …

Anyway, now that has taken action on the matter, we could learn in detail how Apple is announcing the warranty in Europe, and we’ll see how it plays out, because either agree to purchasers of products the apple have statutory warranty, or see new fines and penalties soon.

To all these I wonder, is it so much economic benefit they get from the sales of this extra insurance, they prefer to risk being fined? Maybe it’s that they compensates.

Link: Europe will review Apple’s warranty (El PaiĀ­s)

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