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Posted by on Jun 4, 2013 in Venture |

Fw Interview: Mariano Suarez Batan, “Selling is an art and only learn by doing”

A phrase that may seem trite in the world of tech is the one that says something like “the more fracases or try, the closer you are to success.” Sounds pompous little of firepower for someone who does not dare to make the leap to a personal project or who just have a nice idea at hand but as wise aunt said, not roll up the pants to get into the pool and cross the street.

If anyone can say without fear of blushing that rolled up and fought from a young age to achieve success, is Argentina’s Mariano Suárez Batan, founder of several successful technology ventures, and that at age 33 he tells us how he came to lead two great as and , starting right from the beginning, when only 17 CDs produced content for companies, “pretty bad” he confesses.

For more than a year that was released and gained great attention on the Internet for its simplicity to solve tasks and organize contents. The user response was immediate, allowing over 100 registered with a presence in 186 countries.

-FW: How many years worked with the project and how that experience helped others like entrepreneur to realize

- Mariano Suárez Batan: Experience with Three Melons were about 5 years independent and almost 2 as part of Playdom / Disney. The early years were learning and also to be much on the street for the world selling our services. Selling is an art and learn only so. That contact with people in the industry makes you learn and generate new ideas. When we became close and Facebook opened its platform, we decided to Ball , a game that was played by over 20 million people. Manage a product that is alive and has much traffic is a very exciting experience. From there we learned to manage a community, try to prioritize improvements, new features and content, some pricing … is spectacular as online business learning.

-FW: After several years of working as an entrepreneur and knowing that sector dynamics Did you manage to find optimum working methods or you still learning or gaining experience based on test and try?

-MSB: We could talk for hours with one (s) cup (s) of wine on this topic. I think with experience you learn to know and see that team around to complement you need. I think the best is to maximize the good things rather than trying to correct / improve the poor. For example, never interested me schedule. Should learn, but the truth is that my background is the product, the user experience and I can interact with people I know and I trust to be able to develop the product.

-FW: already more than a year now, has over 100 registered users and a presence in 186 countries around the world How much improvements or changes that have been received from the community of users?

-MSB: We had over 3,000 direct conversations with users, in addition to looking at social networks and our website for suggestions . In short, almost all the ideas that we share them with someone who suggested .. The issue is knowing distill the problem, which resolve prioritize and design the best solution, but everything is urgent and you never get to destination.

-FW: is funded by a foreign investor? Does this investor involved in the line of work or objectives of the project?

-MSB: We received investments from Intel Capital, Alta Ventures, NXTP Labs, friends and angel investors as Wenceslao Casares, Micky Malka, Juan Pablo Capello, Esteban Sosnik and Tiburcio of Cárcova. They are all working to provide feedback, make me question the decisions, share past experiences and contacts, but the boat handled it myself. That’s my job.

-FW: In parallel with started, right? How do you organize to give the necessary time to each of the projects without affect or delay them?

-MSB: In am director. I help with feedback, raising uncomfortable questions to think, share past experiences and relationships. Sometimes they put the face to some press (like now). The CEO is Luis Ortiz, former A Roof for My Country, which has a distributed team that is doing a very good job trying to democratize access to financing in Latin America.

-FW: Why not yet have a Spanish version? Are there plans to approach the Latin American user through language?

-MSB: Because we’re still adjusting nuts from experience and doing other things that we consider most priority. We will locate Spanish and Portuguese, but we believe it is SO urgent because the interface is pretty simple. Anyway, the Americas and Western Europe are our most active markets so Spanish is up there on the list.

-FW: Going back to back and more as an entrepreneur plan to meet Latin American Ball Is the project was a stroke of luck, or as they say “the train you have to climb” that allowed you to enter the majors or according to as projected estimate could reach the success and the subsequent acquisition of Playdom?

-MSB: 100% luck. Luck sought. Luck executed. Luck from a product that was entertaining, social and intended for people, and a distribution strategy based on advertising and viral loops have been really good. Best of luck!

-FW: How did you feel at that time with this great achievement, after some years had asked borrowed money from friends and family to take Three Melons? (Editor’s note: Three Melons was the development company applications birthplace Ball)

-MSB: Tell your investors that you are returning them 10 times what they put this great. Also to tell people that you broke your back they will have to buy a house or a car, it is also incredibly satisfying. But beyond the investment / silver is so great that you recognize and be part of a larger organization can propel you.

-FW: What advice would you give to a person who wishes to undertake a project in which trusts but not encouraged to focus 100% for fear of not achieving, not being able to reintegrate into the labor market or failing to meet expectations If it is a success?

-MSB: Firstly “Safe is risky” says Seth Godin. If you have passion for something, do it. Not required to be an entrepreneur, but be part of a venture that has a mission to make the world better. To those who are afraid, who keep watching from the stands

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